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OPEN: April–October (09:00–18:00)
per Jet Ski

Duration: 90 minutes (45' driving + 45' snorkeling)

Including in price:
Fuel and taxes, Insurance, Life jackets, Jet ski skippers meeting, Masks & tubes, Refreshments, Water, Safety storage.

Join and enjoy by driving a jet ski and discover the wild nature of Heraklion bay. The trip starts in front of our station. The route goes like this: Apollonia hotel - Linoperamata - Pantanassa - Paleokastro - Black hole - Panagia - Ammoudi and back.

What to bring: Sunglasses, Sun cream, Beach towel.

NOTICE: In the event of being unsafe to carry out an activity H2O water sports reserves the right to suspend or cancel at any time. This maybe due to adverse weather conditions. In such cases, any advance payment will be fully refunded.

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